Listen to the road

Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy time

We're moving mom from her big house into a retirement apartment. Packing stuff, taking stuff to the charity shops, moving the smallest amount of stuff into her cozy new home. It's like seeing off someone to college! Her new apartment has house cleaning services, dinner included, yoga, painting, other people and planned activities.
She's a people person and won't be stuck alone inside her house with bad weather. In all, it's a very good move. And the prospect of not having to cook is wonderful for her.

When I'm not shifting things, packing and all that I'm resting. Opie and I putter around clearing out our own house (hard to get out of that mode) and reading with feet up (both of us, Opie's are straight up).
I've also been 'drawing' with stitches, the only creative project going right now as I just have small bits of time to make anything. Here's a hedgehog with attitude that I'm pleased with. We have a fun family member coming for the weekend. Looking forward to cooler weather and more time in my sun room sewing. Summer always lasts long enough to satisfy, then autumn is very welcome.