Listen to the road

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Food gathering

The leaves are turning and falling down. The deer are coming into the garden and yard for
what's left of the garden cleanup and for some new turnip greens.
Pretty soon hunting season will open. I know hunting has a place in the country but I can't
understand the draw. My dad says the last time he went hunting he just lay down his gun as
the deer looked him in the eye before it ran off. It seems that right before the season opens
deer are friendly and not so shy. By the new year they're acting skittish and a little crazy to
get away from people. Can't blame them.

I know our local hunt club donates venison to the food bank. My husband's family hunts
and uses or donates all the meat they kill. Still, I get a spooky feeling of wanting to run
when I hear the gunshots out in the woods.