Listen to the road

Sunday, May 31, 2015

mini fabric collage

Lately I have odd snippets of time to work on making things.
For years I've made these 2 inch square fabric collage brooches. They're
great on big sweaters, coats or hats. I'll be putting some in my etsy
shop soon. I do love of foxes!

 Many of them have words and pictures together. I tell a story
 in each one and get lots of comments
when I wear them. People find different stories in them.
That's satisfying when this happens.

Good for those days when painting seems like too much.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New critter in the studio looking for a name

In the Freehand book I discovered  Kristen Donegan who sells wonderful
paintings and sculpture on Etsy and I bought this new studio critter (which arrived today).

(The background above is by Lisbeth Zwerger.)

I took her around to introduce her to the others here...dusty donkey,

 my pencils and pens,



 tomato plants,

and the new bluebird family.

She needs a name...any suggestions? Did I mention she has a bell in her tummy?
She's a happy new studio buddy.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Three steps forward, then two back

Lately my energy to create has been low. I've tried all sorts of strategies to unblock and
get going again. I began contour drawing with my left hand, then detail/painting with
my right (dominant) hand. This sheepish dog came out with just the right feeling even if
it's not representational. It's about all I care to show for my work lately.

Recently I bought Freehand

 Helen Birch has put together a book of ideas from working artists and illustrators
with many, many photos of their work to show how they build drawings. I took all day
to read it yesterday and have learned something from almost every one of the 100+
illustrations. Happily, I'm out of my rut and working again. Probably the best art book I've
bought this year.

So it seems to go...three steps forward and two back. Hope your spring is going well!