Listen to the road

Sunday, January 24, 2021


Above is how I've been feeling since Wed's Innaguration. Hopeful, full of big H Hope.

 Things bubble up that I don't even realize were stuck  in my head; Pandora's box,

hope being a thing with feathers, a visit from a flock of turkeys (gobble gobble),

an eagle and vulture

settleing a disagreement about a meal

in our side field. 

This has been the winter when Parkinson's took a big 

toll on me in the Hope department. I mean, it ain't 

getting amy better amd is getting worse fast. I'm 

even using fusible as hand sewing is harder.

One good thing in all this... I'm approved for DBS surgery which

will do away with many of the most annoying PK symptoms.

Met my neurosurgeion and am in the middle of pre operation

tests. I'm full of hope. Full of expectation and looking forward to

driving, walking and sewing again.