Listen to the road

Friday, December 21, 2018

We are Family

Today we drove to Walmart with the grandboy to find a Christmas
present for him. Everyone else was last minute shopping too.
I used my walker as this is Walmart, one of the bigger stores.

I had to sit for awhile in an out of the way place and watched each
person or family pass. A thought floated thru my mind, 
"This is my Family".
I couldn't stop smiling at folks and saying hi, making eye contact and
appreciating aunts, uncles, mothers, brothers. Every one of them looked
back and most spoke. We're all made of the same stardust. We have
each other to appreciate. We should be the last person to hate another in this big family.

The photo is from a bird funeral my friends and I celebrated when I was five.
I want to remember and live with this experience today. Kind of a spontaneous
life lesson. We are all family.