Listen to the road

Monday, September 30, 2019

Horse Story

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are full of stories.
Many wrecked sailing ships sleep under the dangerous waters 
right off this string of barrier islands. 
The horses who live on  the island swam to shore (they say)
I experimented with drawing and WC painting on fabric for the 
swimming horse and whales. 1 and 2 inch pieced blocks
framed their nvironment. It became a shrine to these horses and their
survival throughout the years. They make me feel hopeful.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Like a Tusker

"Better it is to walk alone. There is no fellowship with fools. Walk alone, 
harm none and know no conflict. Be like a Tusker in the woods alone."

- from A Life of the Buddha by Sherab Chodzin Kohn

I stumbled on a tapestry elephant and began 'skatchwork' based on this quote.
So satisfying to work with all the moon symbols for walking alone with dignity
 for many nights. So many of us have had this experience.

 I'll let this sit awhile and see if it needs embroidery.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Something old and something new

This had an old beginning. The woven patch was made in Jude's
class in 2010.The colors leaned into a recently dyed plum-y linen cloth.
I worked in the quiet heat until I couldn't see it anymore. I slept, it slept and this
morning I could see it's done.

 I saw this while out with the pup in the front yard.
See the old tree with the hole? A watcher is sitting there.

So I watched him and local crow friends came and squawked and dive bombed him.
I love our local crow vigilantes. Also love hawks but...