Listen to the road

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning to fly

This time of the summer the baby birds have grown enough to learn to fly. The adults watch over
them as the new flyers learn to use their wings.

I imagine it takes guts to jump away from the safe but confining nest and trust that they can fly
(even though I'm sure birds don't philosophize about the experience). Mother Nature teaches
quiet lessons and if we look in our lives we can see them repeated.

My artist friend has lately been looking for a way to remain an artist while making a bit of money.
This week she found her niche and it's wonderful watching her fly! It inspires me and makes me
happy as I know how wonderful it is to find creative success. You go girl!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How I feel about our birch trees, said better by Mary Oliver

When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness.
I would almost say that they save me, and daily.

I am so distant from the hope of myself,
in which I have goodness, and discernment,
and never hurry through the world
     but walk slowly, and bow often.

Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, "Stay awhile."
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, "It's simple," they say,
"and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine."
"When I Am Among the Trees" by Mary Oliver, from Thirst. © Beacon Press, 2006.

Our birch trees out front have been dancing and playing, responding to the windy rain and
sunny day. They're wonderful teachers!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Father's Day was quiet but very nice. Had my dad and step mom for lunch.

Also had the grand boy for the morning. His parents came later on.
Got out the go-kart but didn't turn it on.
Life is a wheel, a circle and family in this wheel are precious.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ready for stiching

This is appliqued and ready to add stitching. I want to get back to the simple, boro type
of  pulling the layers together. Right now it's like stickers on paper or something. Can you
tell I'm procrastinating cleaning house?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Opie

He's my sidekick, cheering squad, partner in exploring and best buddy. Can you see the intelligence
in those eyes? The mischief? He reminds me to get outside and see what's up. Ten pounds of
fun on very short legs.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet my Muse

Meet Hattie Mae, my sewing room muse. My dear friend, Deb, came over to sew/paint/make stuff
and my new gentle muse was born. She has a bird nest on her head with an egg incubating-my
reminder to listen for new stories...