Listen to the road

Monday, September 15, 2014

Changing colors

I discovered my palette was too transparent to get strong
colors in the first layer. I changed my palette and discovered stronger
first layer colors to build on.

Another under painting I'm happy with. Titanium white is working so much
better than the (more economical) Permalba white I've been using all summer.

For painting dogs and cats my new, improved color palette includes;
Titanium white, Gamblin's Warm White, Naples Yellow Hue, Yellow Ochre,
Red Ochre, Gamblin Asphaltum, WN Charcoal Grey and Gamblin's Chromatic Black.
The Charcoal Grey is the exception here. It's a transparent dark grey perfect
for where coats fall in shade or when the fur is just tinged dark at the end.

Outside my window Cardinals are feasting on the Dogwood berries and 
fall is showing her own colors. A dear family member is very ill.
All life seems so precious. Painting helps me to recharge and take
a more grateful attitude back to my daily routine.