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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Green Man 1


It's finished. I'll send it today to my friend. Before I put the bird  on his shoulder it was kind of 

depressing. Now it can fly. Editing is kind of beyond me, so please, excuse the  awkward presentation.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Green Man



                                                    Green Man is a joint effort  with

an old friend (from 1988). I'm using this friend's photos to make a companion piece for

                                                              Open Eyes (below) sideways



                                                                    I haven't been able to make new work

since my DBS surgery  2 years ago so am hoping this will break the spell. 

So far I'm  pleased with how our ideas are linking up. A new printing program and loss of

my editing in the PC are not so managable but I'm slogging through.


Monday, May 16, 2022

Sewing again-Wolf and cubs

                                      This very cat like wolf in an illustration of a pebble mosaic of   


  • a Roman myth caught my attention. The wolf reminds me of two people in a Horse Suit.
  • Seems like the front person has a more jaunty attitude than the
  • back person? It cracks me up and I wonder if the person who made the
  • mosaic also got a chuckle.  I love the pointy teeth, manic smile
  • and crossed front legs. She could be getting ready to make an appearance
  • on a vaudeville stage. So happy to sew again!

    • oo

    Friday, January 28, 2022

    Brokem finger on (of course) my right hand

     I'm not posting a photo because you really don't want to see this finger. When the ortho surgeon

    walked in the room he said 'oh no' after seeing the x-ray. Life is not the same. So, until after 

    surgery and healing no sewing. Baa!

    Tuesday, November 30, 2021

    Kawanabe Kyosai

    Kyosai is the artist who made the woodblock in my last post (1831 - 1889).

    There's another print of the tiger being captured 'live' by a Norwegian.

    Thursday, November 25, 2021

    Tiger (captured live) considers his future dinner

     I considered how to work with his woodblock print (I'll post the artist and
    name when I come out of my  turkey stuper'. Without using paper piecing.
    I think this works althought the lights could have been darkened a little. I can see why Jude uses single strand embroidery floss. It's so much easier to match colors.

    I hope you're enjoying this day It's sunny and cold in Eastern Va. Great sewing weather.

    Saturday, November 13, 2021

    Princess Tamatori Steals Ryujin's Jewel

     There's a LOT going on in this woodcut by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. I love the action

    and the lines of movement in it. The story is that the dragon, Ryujin, an Ocean Kami (god)

    very well loved in the culture of Japan has had his jewel stolen. You can see this jewel tucked

    under the Princess' left arm. It's supposed to be a huge pearl. All of Ryujin's ocean helpers,

    Jellyfish and small fish, are in the fight to retake the jewel. I just had to sew on this.

    I wove  a length of cloth and cut it in half for the top and bottom.

    Then added some of the Paper piecing on the sides. The moons always want to be

    to be in on things. This desktop will not let me size, center or change

    or work with type sizes. I have no idea how this will come up. 

    Fingers crossed.