Listen to the road

Sunday, May 19, 2013


After 13 years our peony bushes have bloomed! I had read they were persnickity about depth,
soil, water, etc but had no idea how long they would take. Kind of like those long dry spells when
my hands forget how to make. I'm in the middle of one of these long spells with time and opportunity
but no momentum. Wish I could just follow steps a, b and c to get back in the groove.

I was in the sun room last week when a female titmouse slammed into the window. I went out
to see if I could help and she was lying on her side grasping a small rock. Her mate was nearby
and making a crisis type of sound. So, I picked her up and sat with her at the table, gently stroking
her back and speaking soothing words, hoping to will her back. Her mouth was open and eyes not
blinking, perky little head tuft back. Her mate and I waited until she blinked, closed her mouth
and put up her tuft before flying away. I can't describe how happy this made me!

Being unable to work is kind of like being stunned or in a daze.  When I'm in it I feel I'm wasting
time when I could be making. I just want to get back into that place where my hands know what's
next. I guess it's like flying or blooming...beyond words or instructions.