Listen to the road

Monday, November 25, 2019


Sometimes I get bogged down. Something needed to go forward.
I found some  movement here but this may be stuck in the literal story.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Insight on my design habits

I trained as a jeweler. While making
this mosaic - like frame I could see my training has
kept me involved in making a setting with a focal point in a field..
The halo in this ancient cave painting fascinated me....
very much like a beautiful gem stone.

When I saw this photo it hit me - My training had locked
me into one way of design. Symmetry is OK but
I've discovered the power in lack of balance thru cloth making. Huh.
My favorite cloths aren't balanced but off kilter a bit. A little unbalanced.

Winter is dropping on us like a cold, wet anvil.
Good thing I have my puppy to remind me that fun
and mischief  come in all seasons.

My new pre-wash cycle.

New bark alarm for reflected dogs.

What I see when I look and love.
Stay warm; sleep with a dog.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Everyday Magic and the Mysterious Disappearing Comments

This quietly came together in small bits of sewing time lately.

So many small and large gifts opened lately in my life.
Dad's death in Hospice House. HH having an open room for him(they only have four).

Meeting cousins I hadn't seen in 55 tears (!).

Being with dad as he died.

My Parkinson's symptoms responding so well to Yoga.
Most days I don't use a cane where last year this time 
I needed a walker.

With my mind on all I have to be grateful for I began noticing
everyday magic... bright yellow leaves, the pup's soft muzzle,
crows roosting and gossiping, the hawk flying to a fence right
outside the big window, wild turkey families
crossing harvested fields - every day the world hands out visual magic
to us here in Va's rural zip codes. Right now the West field is
turning the color of a ripe melon. Deer walk the tree line.

Then we come to the Chrome browser/comment problem. Took time today and
may have found some possible fixes. In a nutshell, my browser has been
Firefox but mysteriously this summer changed to Google Chrome. 

I'm in the process of finding the Borg-like Chrome, removing it as my
default browser, deleting the tentacles of Chrome's program and
firmly reestablishing Firefox as my browser. 

Here's a link to where I started this morning;

When I get this fixed I'll be more specific. If anyone reading knows
a quick fix I'd appreciate your info. Just tried commenting to
Grace and know it's not yet fixed but I'm ot done trying.