Listen to the road

Friday, June 30, 2017

Busy around here

Owls and rabbits in the yard.

And a small bird has decided it's safe to have her family close to us.
Life is good.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Humble Pie

Crows live in the surrounding woods. They're territorial and
when I hear them call I know my small dog is safe in the yard.
Hawks and even a very occasional eagle show up so crows
are very helpful around here.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Winter story

Our neighbors have horses. Their animals are a lovely part of country life. In winter I often see horses  with blankets. A quiet story of the winter around here. The applique/embroidery is worked on pieces of old quilts.Not quite a blank base. Even the white bases have needle trails from the quilter. I love sewing on these soft, worn cloths.  

Because of a health condition, painting (oils, anyway) is no longer an option for me.  
Janet Bolton is one of my favorite artists. And lately I've discovered Mandy Pattullo
and Cas Holmes, all British artists.

             Some years ago I was able to take several online classes with Jude Hill.
              All of these teachers have taught me a way to make story cloth.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Story maker

I've always thought in stories. From the local  WPA murals
to the homemade books I dictated to mom and illustrated;
stories were the form ideas took in my mind.

Now I'm sewing my life stories awake. Here is a recent story...

It was the autumn we moved here right after the harvest of about 500 acres surrounding
our small home. I turned while taking packages out of my car and saw this race
across the empty fields. It was like a silent, slow motion movie. Geese flew over
so their clacking and muttering provided the score. Our neighbor's huge dog
was, sadly, never seen again. I was rooting for the deer.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Once again

                  For more than a year I've not posted here. Mostly because what's been
           happening is depressing and nothing I want to bother anyone else with. But I 
                still read my favorite bloggers. Maybe this is a way to keep in touch. My friend 
                       gave me this photo taken in happy times. They'll be here again.

We are not promised an easy life. And we are the only person who can
 live this particular life. We can also reach out, appreciate and help others. This is what's important. So, I'm going to begin posting again about what I'm making. Making has become a lifeline for me.
 I'll leave with this very true thing someone sent me.