Listen to the road

Friday, March 21, 2014

Oils and using time available

I now know why I'm enjoying painting in oils so much more than in acrylic. Most days
I have small blocks of time to paint. There are several stages of preparing a canvas, 
putting down the preliminary drawing, sealing the graphite, value study in thin oil color,
then layers of paint and hopefully finding a way into the dog's personality. 

These are still what I'd call "folk art". I'm learning my way around
painting from the basics. Oil paint is forgiving and using a bit of Liquin
speeds the drying time. I'm looking at brushstrokes of very good paintings.

Two paintings have sold in the past couple of weeks they've been in the shop. At this
rate I may be able to pay for paint and canvases as well as donate to the dog shelter.
 I think I've found the best medium for the few hours I have to work at this point.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seeing beyond fear

About 20 years ago I had a nightmare experience involving my big
old mutt dog, my neighbor and her two pit bulls. The neighbor let her
dogs run free and they hadn't had any training. Anyway, not to relive that
nightmare, my dog who was named Big Dog, was injured almost to death.
So, I have a life experience with this breed of dog and am afraid of them.

My cousin has had several bulls and she tells me they are trainable and can be
 great dogs. I've been painting some bull dogs and am amazed at the soul behind the
strong body. This guy began to look back with his intelligence awake!

Sometimes painting a creature gives me more insight into who they are. All I can say is
although I won't put my small dog in a room with one I now see their beauty and power
without anger or prejudice.  I do think art can heal. Painting these dogs has helped me
to move beyond my terrifying experience.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Real dogs looking for homes

This is Reba who lives at Animal Aid in Hampton, Va.

And this is Cathy who lives there, too. I'll be framing these for sale at
Plantiques and part of the profits will go back to Animal Aid.
Hazel takes wonderful photos of the dogs and they have given
their permission for me to paint from her photos.