Listen to the road

Friday, July 25, 2014

Today was lovely

Today we shared with the grand boy.
It was very hot and humid. After a tractor ride there were inside adventures.

When it cooled and shade covered the yard we took the basket out and
picked ripe tomatoes,

shared them with the rabbit family (his idea, such a nice one),

and played with Opie until his mom came to take him home. 

Now we are tired but happy.

Most happy days aren't expensive or complicated. Happy days have
more to do with who you spend them with.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

More dogs and pc problems

Lately the word processor part of my pc has gone mad. Probably
a program conflict. It' frustrating to type what I want to say. 
Screaming with irritation I watch entire blocks
of text turn blue and disappear and letters rearrange themselves
like ants on the page. So, first thing, if anyone has
a link or some way to fix this I'll be in your debt.

This is my immediate problem and I'm wringing as much positive as
I can from it. Other than that, I'm noticing several  bloggers I
read questioning the value of blogging. Must be something in the air.

The first photo is of me and Big Dog about 12 years ago. I'm going to paint him.
I finally got the first layer of Opie's  portrait so it shows his attitude and
personality so I think I may be able to tackle another special dog from my life.

So this is what I'm thinking about blogging in general. I keep seeing
techniques on 'monetizing' your blog and promoting what you make
to sell. Yeah, this is what we need to do in a crummy economy to some extent. 

But there's a point when this gets in the way of what I enjoy;
meeting other artists and crafts people who may be on the same road.
Learning from their experience, sharing what I'm doing and
pushing to learn new skills is the main goal. It's not that
don't have friends in the real world. It's that blogging and meeting others
online have resulted in knowing folks I never would have met otherwise.
So, for now I'll put up with the spook in my pc and type the same sentence
six times because I know there are good folks out here.

 Lately I've been painting...

and not thinking so much about selling. This may change but I doubt it.