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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Commission paintings and a helpful idea for Cretacolor oil crayons

 I was happy to begin the first stages of these sweet dogs on commission.
Drawing, especially on toned paper, has bumped up my skill level a bit.
Drawing daily is a big joy. These two paintings need more work but I'm
happy with what's happening in the first stages.

In Oct and Nov I was working with watercolor washes over ink 
drawings. The hatching was not working and I've moved away from it.

Early this month I began using Cretacolor water soluble oil pastels with
a waterbrush and love the smooth, less transparent oil pastels on toned paper.

I went back to some old drawings and added cretacolor highlights.

Even with the hatching it builds form more naturally.

 Working with it feels somewhere between oils and watercolor.

The only downside is this jumble of choices that slowed me down in

I cut a small end off each oil crayon, leaving the paper on, then
glued each into this shallow case. This way I can dip into them like pan watercolors.

My new favorite tool.