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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Big joy and back to basics

Big joy! 

Daily drawing has become a solid habit. I love sitting at my big yellow table with paper and pen.

Backed off watercolors for this week. My water brush order came in. All the different brushes had
good qualities EXCEPT the Niji brand. These leak and rather than an even flow of water tend to
'blob' water into a standing pool on the paper. I'm surprised as they had rather good reviews.

The few drawings I've painted I'm also adding prismacolor pencil and pastel pencil.

I've been noticing how eyes which aren't quite 'right' give either a (above) wonky personality 'clue' or

something a bit more sinister. Don't think I'd pet this guy.

Hey look, it's not a dog!

Found I was going in circles with water color so checked this out from the library. Will work my way thru the basics again. ('Beginning again' is a good motto for me these days.) Actually, this book has
lots more to it. Rather complete lessons on ink and graphite drawing. I ordered a copy for reference.

Autumn is coming in fast now. Critters are on the move. Lots of big spiders in the house. Nature's
tucking life in for a good long sleep. Leaves are dancing and birds are hunkering down in the wind.
Lovely season. Take care.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Koi Water Brushes, found art supplies, etc.

 I found my old technical ink pen while clearing out my
studio. Also (finally) found my good set of pan watercolor
paints.  By happy coincidence I'd ordered a Koi Waterbrush.

So daily painting/drawing has a solid place in my schedule.

I took a class in w/c 30 years ago and wasn't impressed with
my results. I think the water brush picks up a small amount
of paint and so keeps any overworking to a minimum. Or
maybe I've grown old enough to know when to stop!

Here is Friend Fox with fall leaves.

 I like the way you can layer pastel over w/c, in this way
showing the sweet, old eyes of a dog with soft, cloudy, age-wise eyes.

You can use pastels, water soluble pencils and most other
drawing tools with pen and (permenant) ink. I use a sepia
color and it blends well with paint.

 I like that it only takes a bit of color with line to suggest

These are mostly on Strathmore series 400 "all media paper"
(thick and doesn't warp) which was on sale at my local store.

I really like this paper.

I'm trying to loosen up my tight style of personality in a fun way. Use line as expression.

This is on tinted drawing paper. Kind of like starting
out with a tinted canvas-easier to punch up lights.
So this is how I'm beginning fall/winter. At least 30 minutes
each day drawing/painting. It's one time of day I can count
on to enjoy. I hope you're enjoying the change of season.