Listen to the road

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Listening to myself

 A while ago I began to listen to my automatic inner chatter, that constant
judge and jury of what I'm doing and how I fall short. As
a creative person I also have a harsh art critic busily undercutting whatever
I'm working on. When I began painting dogs I wanted to learn more
about painting technique. This is happening slowly. But also I've been
able to clearly hear how active this critical voice is.

 Why has concentrating on dog images, trying to make
them come alive with paint on a panel, softened my inner critic?

Dogs bring out unconditional love from my heart. They do not complain
that we're wasting time especially when we give in to the urge to play. They
are on our side, on our team, happy for our happiness! If our plan is
different from what happens in paint it isn't a horrible failure. We're learning.

So it's no wonder that I'm letting up on myself and talking back to that unhelpful
chatter. We're here to learn and help one another. Except for dear Roger Ebert,
how many critics do we look up to? My job is to make mistakes and learn.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New challanges

I'm going to be very brave and show some little paintings at the awkward
stage. You can see how much I need to work on color...
...and to make it harder I've combined old B/W photo people with color photos
to collage a picture.

I can see that I need to go looser or more realistic but first must sharpen my skills.
 Perspective brush up. I'm inspired by so many artists online and how brave they
are in showing all stages of their creative skills...even the awkward, growing stages.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sheep roundup

Last night was the big sheep roundup so they stay dry until shearing day.
As usual one didn't want to follow the flock which made for some drama.
They're in the barn and the fields look empty.

I'm taking reference photos for painting later. The barn is very noisy.

This is an unknown type of lizard who lives in the pile of slate out back. The
grand boy likes to visit the 'lizard house'. Sure would like to know what kind
he is (the lizard). Looks more like a west coast lizard than our smooth
gecko types around here.

Reptile activity is high out here as it warms up. Driving our country road home the other
day I saw a diamond back stretched across the road. Makes me appreciate all the
black snakes on our property.  Black snakes run off other snakes and keep the rodents down.

So that's all the exciting news here. Looking forward to some painting days starting 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Animal Aid yard sale

Animal Aid is having a big yard sale next Sat, June 7, from 8 until 2.
Here is Kerri, the newest addition to the fine dogs and pups there. 
Here's Hale, who has already found a new family.

And here is Brooke who has also found a new home.

Several of my 5x7 paintings will be at the sale. So if you're in the
neighborhood stop in for the sale and maybe meet a new best friend!