Listen to the road

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Heads up...

I followed the sound of tapping on the bird feeder to see this (not my photo) acrobat using
his tail to keep balanced. As large as a crow, the woodpecker kept up that tapping until
he finished snacking. He's been here all week tapping. When creatures unexpectedly
walk into my life I listen for their message. This seems like 'a heads' up to me. A reminder
to listen and share.

I've been quiet for some time and still read other blogs. More deaths have happened and the
shape of my world has changed. A broken toe has rearranged my freedom and I have turned
60. Rather than be depressed (much) I've listened harder and now feel more certain that story is the center of my process of making.

While being quiet I've been reading found  some excellent blogs...

Terri Windling opens a gate leading to shared stories of the world. She's a talented artist. Her
blog reminds me of how connected we and our world stories are under all else.

Jude Hill shares her story in a quiet, powerful way. I follow her with deep respect for how she
honors the road of making.

Gillian shares her story as an artist who listens as she draws and paints. I relate to her
perspective on work. She inspires me to make time for making. I love her work.

Lynne has a wide open spirit when it comes to nature. I like that she visits trees and dances
under them barefoot. Her drawing/paintings come alive for me and she inspires me to listen
more while drawing...also to go barefoot.

This artist is going to make you laugh. Her adventures with hardware
store stuff alone made me a fan. I love plumber epoxy, tin cutters, drills, abrasives, etc.
She has some wild muse living in her studio. She is a huge talent and a generous person.

As I list these artists I realize they also share another quality. They aren't fixed on selling and
making with an eye to what will sell fast and furious. With curiosity about materials and process,
pushing past safe results, they are clearing a road for other artists. There are more blogs I'd
like to share and will do soon. Happy Winter solstice and, as Lynne says, "more light"!!