Listen to the road

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Guardian Spirits

Many years ago (2006?), during one of my first classes with Jude Hill,
I made a protective lion spirit.

When My brother died this lion went along on Scott's journey with him.

Yesterday I studied Temple Guardians, mostly fierce lions.

I realized my home (temple that we live in) was missing a guardian 
so I continued a lion cloth started long ago.

I know his tail is more fox like. He is, after all, my mythical spirit,
my Yaksha Lion, so his appearance is up to me.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Less is More and Then a Whole lot More

The last 2 days I've culled my fabric down to 3 baskets.
These boxes are going to ebay to find new homes.

This is what's left of my commercial and dyed fabric from the past 12 years.
It's not overwhelming as it was.

The dye basket is quietly growing new colors.
It feels right like this.

Listening to Jude Hill's color ideas and discoveries.
Love her way of explaining how colors "lean into one another". 
Thinking about what this can look like.

 Remembering how to sew 2 tiny pieces together into a chain then
cutting them apart to make pieced 2 inch patches. (saves time and thread).

Almost 9 months ago my little studio buddy passed on. 
In 2 weeks we'll bring home a new pup. This week seemed to
be the right time to add eyes to the invisible travelers.

They tell me he's a 'singer' and that's a fine thing in my opinion.
The studio will be full of new songs and stories.
A whole lot more going on here.

Friday, May 3, 2019

More Sewing and Embroidery With Slow Hands

I'm so much enjoying my fabric pile again, especially linen. My hands 
don't work as well with Parkinson's but I've found a fix. I went to Laci's catalog
and ordered a tambour hook along with 5" x 7" Morgan frame. This helps
and I hope to finish more embroidery components for cloth work.

Before the hook, etc I made two cloths.

I used felt for the dog. 

The yellow balls on the left are chicks needing beaks and feet.

Dyeing linens to embroider with Tambour. Amazing how much plain linen fabric pieces
I'm finding at my local thrift stores! Not to mention 99 cent linen clothing.
Every morning I dye a batch. Jars of color everywhere...wonderful!