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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage shisha mirrors-source?

Does anyone know of a source for vintage shisha mirrors? (I put the oval in the photo to show
the difference between these lovely hand blown mirrors and the perfect ones available in craft stores). I just began a large wall hanging and
will need about 100 of these. I deeply appreciate any direction as these are very hard to find.
Thanks in advance for any leads!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello New Year

Hope you've had your black eyed peas, a Southern tradition to call good luck for the year.

How about resolutions? Do you make them? Mine are generally to try to help and appreciate the
people in my life. I'd like to sharpen my skills and continue to protect my time in the studio. The
past year I stuck with my goal to make studio time and work a priority. I also began selling some
excess supplies on Etsy. Had much more success with supplies and small antiques than jewelry.
This year I didn't work at all other than teaching. It's been one of the happiest years I can remember.

My dad is an engineer and a talented carpenter. My first living memory is of bathing in the
kitchen sink because he and my granddad were soaking a boat keel in the bathtub. I remember when I
was a little girl hanging out in the garage by his work table. He kept a box of wood for me to
hammer and build stuff. I inherited his love of making things. Anyway, when
dad decided to downsize their home I asked for his work bench. He decided to make me a new
one that was 'nicer'. We picked it up this weekend...
I've been doing metal work on a gate leg table with only one spot I could hammer over.
This baby is so sturdy it'll hold up under any work I want to do! Can't think of a better present.
Thanks, dad!

Last January my goal was just to make stuff and also buy groceries. The past year I've met
several remarkable people at just the right time. My old friend, Verni, and I transformed a room
in an antique shop, Plantiques, into a teaching studio. Our January schedule is posted on the
new Artful Adventures blog here. There's a very large room upstairs with potential for larger

This year I'll be focusing on teaching and learning new skills, meeting new friends and
practicing gratitude in a big way. Resolutions work better when they are to do what one loves.
I hope this year you'll find what you love and be able to take time for it.