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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage shisha mirrors-source?

Does anyone know of a source for vintage shisha mirrors? (I put the oval in the photo to show
the difference between these lovely hand blown mirrors and the perfect ones available in craft stores). I just began a large wall hanging and
will need about 100 of these. I deeply appreciate any direction as these are very hard to find.
Thanks in advance for any leads!


  1. Wonder if trawling charity shops might turn some up?
    Am amazed there are no links to india for them!
    Wonder if you approached indian vendors on Ebay to see if they could acquire any for you?
    Will keep my eyes open in the charity shops but another idea might be to look in some of the Vintage clothing shops too for clothing with old mirrors on? Altho their prices will be far higher!


    found this link! it may help they look to be mishapen like vintage : )

  3. Wow, thanks so much!!Both are great suggestions. I'll first
    check out the silkenstrands catalogue. Happy New Year!

  4. FYI, Silkenstrands wrote back that they still have some of the smaller sized shisha mirrors. Nice people!


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