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Thursday, March 21, 2013


This IS the first day of spring here in southeast Va. This is what's happening outside this afternoon!
(Actually, it's NOT first day of spring-it's the second, thanks, Mom).

I'm participating in another wonderful online workshop with Jude Hill , "What If Series". 

We're exploring the color white.  I was thinking
that this snow today is different from the heavy, freezing stuff we get in winter.
Thinking about the different kinds of snow and how these could be described in a nine patch

There's a funny urban legend about the different names for snow. Check it out and say the
words out loud.


  1. hi from Saskia over at Jude's What If class, I was doing a bit of wandering through various blogs and recognized your nine patch, a very nice one I might add (you forgot to mention your name, so I went ahead and 'named' you in a comment)
    btw thanks for the link to fancifuldevices.

  2. Thank you! I was running out the door on an errand this morning. Isn't Fanciful
    Devices inspiring?!

  3. Did it. Twice! Sweet little nine patch - very reminiscent of different snows. I like it.
    Doesn't feel like spring in Eastern NC, either. Cold, windy, drizzly and yucky. But I do see wee bits of green and red peeping out from the wooden branches.
    P.S. Green snow???

  4. Snowdrops out there as well so there's hope. The Groundhog was definately

  5. smashing nine patch! Im not participating in this What will be interested to see what you do lol

  6. Kate Bush has written a song called '50 Words For Snow'...Stephen Fry narrating! It'll be on youtube somewhere. We finally have sun, and a bit of warmth, and slow, slowemergenceof green shoots here in Yorkshire, England. Best wishes.

  7. way behind in the whatiff si missed this beauty



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