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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The great liberation

For about 30 years I've hoarded collected vintage photos. My life was semi nomadic for several
years, settling into a small apt above my craft shop in 1994. I learned to collect small things if
anything at all. Buttons, old photos, lace, etc. Treasures I could move in my car. Lately I wonder
at all the shifting of stuff I must do just to keep the floor clean. It's like being chained to the earth
by boxes of stuff. So....

Opie and I are going thru all of the boxes of photos and saving about 1% of them for drawings.
The rest I'm sending out to friends who'd like them and selling lots on Etsy. If you're interested,
I'll be listing them in the next week or so a few lots at a time.  I'd really like them to fly off to
new homes.

I have a very small box filled with the photos to draw and paint. These folks have lived long
enough in boxes. They still have stories to tell. And I'm left with this precious box of stories.

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