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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015...Year of the sheep

The photo above is from a couple of years ago. Our ram, the gentleman Graham, died so we have no
more little lambs for another year or so. But their spirit is one to inspire me to play more and worry less.

These two were born from different ewes but acted like twins, following and chasing
each other. Cousins. They're still here on the little ranchito.

Now they're ewes, still hanging out together. This place is a nice place for a lamb to be born. 
I do miss March and the tiny lambs leaping for joy.
Maybe in 2015, year of the Sheep, we'll travel to the mountains and
bring home another ram. Yes, this may be the year to do that.
Happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 to you!


  1. Dang it.
    I just tell myself that I'm content,
    living here in my little house in the
    middle of town.
    Then I come here at see...

  2. They really are fun to watch leaping for joy!

  3. They have so much personality. I miss walking past a farm of them at my old house. I am sure you've already painted these gentle creatures?

    Happy New Year Patty! xo

    1. They're right in front of me so I've not yet painted them...this is the year!
      Happy New Year!


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