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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sheep Shearing Day

An old photo of our ewes which shows how wooly they are this time of year.

One of our two favorite Shepherdess' hand shearing. Notice the pile of
wool on right looks like another ewe.

The other Shepherdess finishes the job.
 I'll post the goat-looking sheared sheep next time.

I so love this painting. 


  1. That is a big job! How many sheep do you have? Maybe your next post will answer that question.

  2. Hi there! We have seven old ewes.No rams, no lambs

    One of the women uses electric shears, the
    other uses hand shears. She demos hand shearing in
    Williamsburg for visitors. It's a hard, long, dirty
    job! After they clean up we host a lunch which goes
    into the afternoon. Look forward to it each spring.


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