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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pearl Divers

My best friend, Toshiko, in San Diego worked as a pearl diver at a tourist center.
Pearl diving is a skilled occupation in Japan and has been for hundreds of years. By
coincidence I found a pre ww2  Japanese magazine with a silk screen print of pearl
divers. I made a cloth around it then added embroidery.


  1. I'm curious ... is the center panel paper or did you print the image onto cloth?

    1. It printed onto cloth then sewn down.

    2. I love how it feels time-worn ...

    3. My reply lost in the air. 'Time worn' is a beautiful,
      rich phrase, thank you!

  2. O!, yes....i understand now. All along, watching you
    stitch these wonderFULL thangkas, i wondered where on
    this earth you found the incredible central Stories...
    YOU CREATE THEM!!!...Brilliant! Love this, love that
    it's taken so long to come to know.
    Having no electricity, therefore, no way of printing on fabric, it is still so great to know that it is possible

  3. If you'd like I can send you some printed fabric story
    beginnings? Email?

  4. I love the larger scale print under the delicate picture of the pearl divers, juxtaposed with the ethereal wave stitching. I, too, was wondering where you got the gorgeous central motifs for your I know. Clever you.

    1. Thank you, Dana. I'm glad the stitches showed up.
      They're a try at opening opening the grid. Sewing
      is saving my sanity (and marriage) these strange

  5. ah you print onto cloth
    that is wonderful, as is the result! any advice for me and my book-making efforts?

    1. I use Jacquard cotton ink jet printing Fabric (Dharma
      Trading). The silk hasn't worked for me but may for you.
      I think I should Post here what I've learned the hard way (wasting expensive supplies!) I'm loving my dog and
      bird earrings!


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