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Monday, June 15, 2020

In the Time of Story

I'm reading a book, The Iron Ring, by Lloyd Alexander. I needed a good story to
rest in .It's about a king who thinks of his people first. It's about honor, selfless effort and
keeping your word. It's an inspiring place to rest awhile.


  1. I happened on Lloyd Alexander when I taught elementary school in Williamsburg ... Chronicles of Prydain. I remember being incensed that he took so many characters from Tolkien, until I read the jacket notes which (as best I recall) credited Welsh mythology. And then realizing Tolkien had probably done much the same. Ah well, illusions were shattered.

    Your current read sounds inspiring indeed ... and the elephant in your cloth sent me to a synopsis to learn more. It sounds complicated, but as I recall from the Chronicles of Prydain, Alexander is a master of plotlines.

    1. If we're inspired we'll act with more honorable intentions I believe. Williamsburg has a good school
      system. I worked with the teachers on the Battle of the
      Books for middle school. A place where those adorable
      book types to shine. Alexander is one of those writers
      who can be read at any age. Honor, imagine that. We need to now more than ever.

  2. the Cloth...joins the celebration of the many you've
    created already...this one, Honor, yes.

    1. Thank you, Grace. I need to remember how honor and
      wisdom are still possible. I see them peeping out from under the darkness around us. Usually in one person's
      actions. One by one. Like flowers.


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