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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Recycled picture frames

I sent a fabric piece to a friend and heard back from them that the prices at frame stores

have gone up a lot. I'm posting a tutorial about reusing thrift store/flea market

frames. First photo is of a frame from Habitat for Humanity. 


              I removed the framed 'sandwich", cleaned the glass on both sides, sandwiched

the clean glass, mat board and fabric piece after hinging the fabric art to the middle layer

of the sandwich. 

The fabric art was hinged onto the fabric covered

back mat board. If the art is valuable, I would hinge it with archival linen tape.

In this case I just used regular clear tape. To make a hinge, take two pieces of tape with the

sticky sides facing each other.  

                                       So, the horizontal arms of the hinge stick to

                the backing fabric and the vertical arm sticks to the back of the fabric art. 

This second photo may make it clearer. The printed sides of the index card face out.

I invested in a flex master (model 07-700) about 20 years ago It's paid for itself many times.

When I sell my work I glue a dust cover on the back, then attach the hanging hardware.

                                      Good luck and I hope this saves you money!


  1. I've done the same...and have found some lovely frames at Re-store and Goodwill too.

  2. so good to see you here ... wishing you a happy and healthy new year ... Liz A


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