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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Irene Aug 2011

This was the view from our cozy sun room last Sat when Hurricane Irene came to visit. My trees were dancing and bobbing but none fell-thank you trees! The storm caused suffering for people up the east coast and lack of power for us for several days. Bob has decided to wire the camper up to the new, large generator so we will have a small place with hot water, stove and lights when (not 'if' around here) the power fails next time.                                                                                                                                                                        
This is Judy Irene who was visiting us last week. She beat me at gin rummy every game of the marathon we had. Bob kept running out to fill the tiny generator which kept the well primed and freezer on.

A local news commentator kept leaning into the wind on TV (before we lost power) and he couldn't help trying it out himself.
            We woke the next day to bright sun and clear sky. So, of course, we went shoe shopping. Only lost one big limb. Five days without power made us appreciate hot food, clean laundry and lights...                                                             


  1. Glad you escaped relatively unscathed. it can be good to have this wake up of no power and subsistence living although it sounds like you experience that frequently enough to be accustomed to it. Plus you get new shoes out of it!:-)

  2. Lack of power wasn't terrible except for one day of hot humidity. I don't mind just being offline and 'down' a few days. And yes, new shoes are good!

  3. Thanks for visiting Tanglewood Threads, Patty. I'm smiling because we also live in an area of "when" not "if" power cuts happen!
    Love your pup and your baby feet and of course your hedgehog!

  4. Thanks Penny! It's the price we pay for living in the country-well worth it!


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