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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just thinking

Modern life? Thinking about why I continue this blog.

The inspiration I get from others' blogs, sharing sources and ideas, ability to connect and
encourage others and get the same back, these are great reasons to continue. But, I'm not
sure that a blog is the only way to do this. Artists who sell their work certainly gain from the
exposure. People with political/social goals can connect. Has the regular old garden variety
blog expressing small discoveries in daily life just become too self involved?
I've shifted my attention back to here and now. Watching the energy of making rise and ebb
in a natural cycle. Balancing my time inside/online and time outside breathing, looking
and listening. Spending more time offline with friends and animals.

Thinking about balance lately,

and spending lots of time in the studio.

Tiny book pendants, 1 1/2 inches. Micro book binding!
Filling the freezer from the garden

Planning free demos at Plantiques in Newport News.
This morning hearing the first gunshots of my least favorite time of the year...
hunting season. Why, why, why do people think this is fun?


  1. First I do not like deer on my cabin hillside are family..we have met many generations in the 28 years we are here. I love your assemblages and are a very inspirational artist. I blog because I love meeting and seeing process with artists I may never meet. Happy Labor 's Day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. You are sweet, and one of the best parts of being online. I'm also inspired by your
    work and especially inspired by your work with the children in your community.
    xo, Pattt

  3. a lovely bead cornucopia!
    and such trauma for such delightful creatures......very sad

  4. Hey you! I see these guys in the early, predawn hours driving down our country road.
    I cringe when I hear those gunshots. Silent prayers "run deer!".

  5. I love your tiny books! And your eggplant. I love everything about eggplants, the shape, the color, the taste and the smooth texture. But I don't like hunting. When I walk around here and see the deer and they are used to me so don't run, sometimes I think it might be kinder to yell at them and chase them away so they don't get the idea that all humans are gentle. But I don't. Instead I post no hunting signs all over.


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