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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rare sight-Virginia Rail

Yesterday morning I made a bird seed and suet run before the snow.
As the snow began this visitor, I believe he's a Virginia Rail, fed heavily on suet.

You can see how big he is compared to the suet block!
My first sighting of this bird. Huge feet...had a hard
time hanging on while he fed.


  1. Beautiful bird. I have never seen one like that. You made your own seed? Is it easy to do? I put seed out after we moved and it took three weeks for the birds to come. One day I looked out and in just a few minutes we saw, chickadees, a large red-headed woodpecker, gold and purple finch, AND a Carolina Wren which is rare here. But after that one morning, they have not been on the feeders???? Maybe our seed has gone bad??? I don't know. I look for them every day. I am sad because at our old house we had magnitudes of birds in our backyard. I miss their presence.

  2. I think it takes a while for a yard to become a 'habit' for birds. The Va Rail has come back several times for suet. One thing I did was buy different
    flavors of suet to tempt more birds. Like people, birds like specific
    foods. I think if you keep putting out seed and other temptations you'll
    be entered in the GPS of local birds. I also cut up oranges and try to
    keep fresh water out. I don't make my own seed mixture but have seen it
    done. I'm sure your feeders will soon be the Place to Be for birds. Stay warm, my friend!


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