Listen to the road

Friday, February 13, 2015


Right here at the edge of winter it's about 25 degrees midday. The sun shines a bit longer each
evening but no extra warmth. Still, something is up.

I hear bird songs I haven't heard since fall. This morning I noticed the robins
hopping, listening, hopping, dancing on the frosty grass.  A new rhythm, another animal's
sense of life under the earth.

Even in this wind and cold something else is up. 

Our home is surrounded by trees and birds and animals. Here the mini seasons and
the subtle shifts show themselves if we pay attention.

This Earth continues under the sun and moon and we can witness, feel and love it.
There is Big Life visible every day and I'm part of it, dependent on it, in love with it.

Recently an old friend who's offered a life working
to save a specific part of our planet expressed despair.
Our earth may not make it another 100 years and we're a big part of the reason.

My advice to this friend was to read a book that has saved my sanity more than once.
Joanna Macy's ­World as Lover, World as Self.

I took my own advice and read it again.  It's good medicine for anyone concerned about or in pain for
our planet. It's a powerful tool to stay engaged when despair seems the only logical perspective.
Stay warm!


  1. Hey... it looks like "your" robins are lots bigger than the ones here ... !
    Are they the size of a blackbird ???

    (hmmmm must find that book ...)

    1. Our local robins are dusty colored black robed with faded rose
      chests. And they are big!


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