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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New critter in the studio looking for a name

In the Freehand book I discovered  Kristen Donegan who sells wonderful
paintings and sculpture on Etsy and I bought this new studio critter (which arrived today).

(The background above is by Lisbeth Zwerger.)

I took her around to introduce her to the others here...dusty donkey,

 my pencils and pens,



 tomato plants,

and the new bluebird family.

She needs a name...any suggestions? Did I mention she has a bell in her tummy?
She's a happy new studio buddy.


  1. Cute armadillo. I will submit the name Sue. I come up with that because of a favorite poem, one line of which reads: "the insouciant armadillo glances at us" the poem is Come Into Animal Presence by Denise Levertov. You can read it here if you like:

  2. Hi Jan! "Insouciant armadillo"...lovely poem. How are your llamas? They
    do seem to 'mildly disregard' us human critters, don't they. It's wonderful to hear from you! (Sue for insouciant)


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