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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Parkinson's and Yoga

In early Feb I began Yoga classes as therapy for my  Parkinson's. I take meds which
help but I wasn't happy with limited movement and not ready to give in to this
condition. My Doctors, family and I are amazed at the results! Many of the side
effects are resolved. I'm able to go shopping  and eat out again.
I use a cane but haven't needed my walker lately. And the fatigue is no where 
near what it was before yoga. I sleep well many good changes!

If you know of anyone with this condition please tell them about this Kindle book,
Yoga, Ayurveda Therapy Program - for Parkinson's Condition by Zoe Campbell
It's available on Amazon. My Yoga teacher looked at it today and said
it was similar to what she's teaching me. This school of Yoga is life changing for me.

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