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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jude Hill's Class

Considering and playing with 9 patch ideas.
Jude's moon center square.
Since this new class began I decided to learn to make a basic 9 patch.

Like this. Paper 2 inch squares inside like the Big Girl quilters do it.

The back makes me happy.

So happy that I made another. One of Jude's moon in the center.

And reading thru her generous online past classes remembered
bases and how much these small worlds can add to a cloth as a whole.

Lots of small thoughts in cloth adding to my inspiration.

Beginnings and side stories.


  1. Having the blues can be a good thing-thanks!

  2. These are fun and interesting pieces. What will you do with finished pieces? Put together for a quilt? Or maybe just making them is the purpose, that is good enough. Glad you can be stitching again.

  3. Jan! You have been my light this winter...books, art,
    adventures in thrifting! Some of these little stories will be flying your way soon. xoxo

  4. I've never made a 9 patch! Just the thought of it makes me nervous, wierd,huh

  5. I learned lots. Paper piecing is kind of like a science experiment that can't really go far wrong.

  6. Patty - just found my way to your blog (thanks to Grace at Windthread) ... Jude inspired me to try my first nine-patch a few years ago ... looking forward to what's next with her newest class

  7. I love this new class, taking apart many of my old cloths to
    try new directions. The learning curve is easier with all of
    my rag mates!