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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tornado Spirit and Cane Painting


Weather. I've been reading about Native Americans living on the Plains and 

Tornadoes. It take a little time to begin to understand the nuances of NA relationships

with weather, land, sky, earth etc. It's different from our own. We try to

fix situations where many times seeking harmony or balance may be

more effective. Relationships are important.


Then there's this cane thing. I have Parkinsons and must use a cane (I'm fortunate

to still be walking). I've noticed how the cane changes brief relationships with people I meet.

I keep canes stashed in rooms and in my car. Bob just finished sanding a wooden cane

for me to paint.

I'll post photos of the cane as it's painted and varnished. I hope it gives folks something 

to focus on, something happy. Getting old can a bitch but is still better than not being.


  1. if ever I need a cane, I do think painting it would be very much the way to go ... "something happy" to focus on for sure!

  2. I guess what we focus on becomes our world, right?

  3. i can feel that smoooooooth wood....the thought of the
    painted images....!!!!....
    i pass a downed Manzanita branch in this forest...keep
    thinking to "harvest" it as a walking stick
    where are you reading about the First People and tornadoes? is it online?
    Love Love and i anticipate the painting

  4. Thank you, Grace! Here is one of the places I read...

    And the most interesting book (online) was here;


I appreciate your comments.