Listen to the road

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Messages and carriers


Thinking how the messages from our brain to body 

miraculously arrive. Trying to make a picture of how this may

happen in my imagination. The little crow carries a pebble.


  1. as always...just so FINE, but for me, this, even more so with the Crow and Moths
    I am so happy to see you here with cloth, Carrying On.
    YOU and the Beauty Full images here inspire

    1. Grace, there is an invisible line from my heart to yours...east coast to west. Such a fine, big adventure we're sharing in this moment. I think I will become a
      crone, moth/crow like. Will you join me? xx

    2. oh, Yes, i Will join you. we will weave that
      invisible line and hang our cloth makings on it
      along the way as prayer flags....Love this

    3. Love the idea of our cloth becoming prayer flags. It's
      a deal!

  2. how mysteriously wrought we are ... and how fine your depiction of us

    1. We are so connected with each other and with the world,
      (worlds). Pebbles as thoughts. Thank you, Liz.


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