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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Older learning process revisited

I came across a bag of torn strips of fabric from Jude Hill's Cloth to Cloth class years ago.

This is the first result from going back and exploring it again. Have made 2 more since and

enjoy the process at the end of adding smaller squares to the finished weave. It

 breaks up expected patterns. 


  1. wonderful variations ... and of course my eye caught on the moon-like patches of white ... but it was the dragonfly at the heart of the piece that held my eye in the end

    1. It's fun to weave again. Can't always know how fabrics
      will be together, lots of surprises.

  2. your intuitive choices always are together in such an
    organic way...this time again...perfect harmony.
    most Beauty Full weave yet

  3. Thank you, Grace. It's wonderful revisiting that class. Jude's
    generosity is amazing and so helpful in going on and not getting stuck in one way of working.

  4. Loving this, great fabric choices. I haven't been doing any fiber art lately, maybe it is time to revisit it. Glad to know you still are.

  5. I will be back to it soon, this is just peaceful


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