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Monday, September 13, 2021

The question


This began with a lithograph of the Sphinx. Her gaze is so strong that it looked like the answer to something.I didn't know where it was going so began without any intention. She grew on me like a
Great Mother. Framing it was a hot job of ironing. I'd dropped that technique but used it again here.

This summer has been empty of making for me. My body and mind were tired from
everything so I walked and got stronger and cleaned and rearranged my making room
and tried to stay cool. I gave myself a break from expecting anything to get born.

I'm liking tis so much. It feels like I felt making it. I may paint a light wash over the white of 
the linen but that's all. Maybe sew a light frame around it. If I still have any readers here
What do you think about the light?



  1. is the print on paper or cloth?

    1. It's printed with my inkjet printer on paper backed linen.

  2. just now said in the next post that i like it the second
    way..but coming back here, i'm not so sure. Something
    about the LIGHT .... like a uhhhh, surprise window to
    the past....amidst a forest of time passing

    1. The light reference...thank you. I do like the painted
      version better.

  3. it's so good to see you back ... and yes, I too have had a fallow summer

    I very much like this: "It feels like I felt making it"

  4. This summer was indeed fallow. I followed your and a few
    other blogs. Ended up giving away my acrylic paints after one
    last try to make them say something. There's a point sometimes
    to find out they will never work for me. Just as my own time is shorter I find fabric stories may have been the best for me
    after all. Now I need to find a way out of these frames! Thank you for listening and looking!


I appreciate your comments.