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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And now for something completely different

This past summer a good friend visited to make Santos together. I ended up sawing the top
off mine and starting from scratch. Suddenly these figures began to multiply in our house in varying
stages of the process, all drying.

This book, Papier-Mache Today, has more real information about the process than any other
book I've seen.  I've been making my own adjustments along the way.

Like the way I wired drilled dowels to the torso so I can make gestures with the arms before
I freeze them with marine epoxy putty.

 Can you see the tall wooden candlestick I used as a base?  These guys develop their own
personality before my eyes.

This is the next to the last stage before painting. I used wallpaper paste (just mix a small amount
and keep adding warm water as it thickens) and white tissue paper which dries with an interesting
wrinkled surface.

I love the darkness of night behind them. Wonder what this guy's holding-a pizza? I think it's time
to make dinner.


  1. fascinating characters! will be interesting to see them come to life too

  2. Hey, you! Any news on the job? I thought about you today and your wonderful
    work with children. Take good care.


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