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Monday, February 11, 2013

Stretching, mounting applique-part 2

After dinner went back to work on this.

Next the background fabric. I measured, sewed a hem and trimmed the
fabric to be wrapped around the foam core. Measured the edge of the hem to end right next to
the frame edge. Pinned/machine stitched first the top side then the bottom. (not stretched tight as sewing down the applique will take a bit of extra fabric length.)

***Note, later in this process I realized the fabric stretched more than I thought it would and I had to make another hem.   This is a learning experience as well as a sharing one ;)! Next time I'll probably
just leave extra fabric and hem later on.***

At this point left the sides with raw edges to be measured, cut and hemmed after the applique
was sewn down. Less chance of distortion then. Now back to the applique.

Trimmed/pinned the batting sandwich and hand sewed it to the back of the applique in a loose whip stitch with quilting thread.

I began sewing in the middle and worked out to each edge. This helped keep the stitches from
wandering off course and the tension smooth. The batting was sewn around all four edges, (I kept checking that the 'sandwich' looked smooth from the front-no rippling or distortion). Top, then bottom, then the sides.

Next centered the sewn applique/batting sandwich on the backing cloth.

First centered the top edge along the top edge of the hemmed backing fabric. Double checked that the edge of the backing fabric's hem would wrap and end at the edge of the frame on back.

Using a tiny running stitch, I sewed  the applique to the backing, (from the center out). Top edge first, then the bottom edge, last the sides.

These very tiny stitches showed on front so I changed thread colors to match each area of color.

 This is where I am this morning with the applique sewn down and the backing cloth stretched over
fome core backing with pins .

If I have time later on I'll show how this mounting tape works. Think I'll practice on
a sample first. I usually don't like glues and adhesives if I can figure out a sewn way.
Any suggestions? I don't like the look on the back with the edges sewn together.

It's supposed to be acid free/archival. I bought it in the 1990s and hope the sticky factor is
still active. Has anyone used this? Any warnings? I appreciate any information before
I use it. Online comments about it are positive. Off to see mom.

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