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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stretching, mounting needlework-part 3

OK, so the mounting board is ready. One more press with a medium iron and light starch spray
around the edges of the applique.

Center and pin/stretch top edge across the top of fome backing.

Flip back the fabric and measure/cut the Stitchery Tape, press down the top side then
remove the carrier tape. This product worked great. When you first  press fabric down
you have a bit of time where it can be repositioned.The directions say it's permanent after
48 hours.

I stretched the top, then stretched/pinned left side and taped/positioned the right side.  Worked

around to the bottom and up left side.

I applied Stitchery tape underneath the back edge, stretching fabric edges in toward the frame.

Then, folded each corner and tacked down with a lightweight staple gun. I'm pleased with how
the back looks. This is on its way to a new home!

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