Listen to the road

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cycles and comfort

For awhile I've been spending time in the garden listening.
Leaves, birds, breezes all inviting me back to the present
without my small companion. Life cycles on. 

This came together slowly.
Jude's moon, Deb's dyed fabric/threads and my basket of
dyed cloth.  Only have to finish the boat's eyes in
a deep brown I know by heart.


  1. Love it! I swear I have the same background piece, the light brown lacy bit, I hand dyed mine too. Your boats will have eyes, to steer by? I remember a book that had boats with eyes, not sure which book, Earthsea novels? Glad to see you stitching.

  2. Just beginning Earthsea once more. So many cultures
    reference boats carrying the soul thru death back to either rebirth or another world. Earthsea is full of
    visual ideas. Sewing is healing for me.


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