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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Disturbing news

I read this  

US attempts to halt Paris auction of sacred Native American artefacts | France | The Guardian

This morning right after reading this;

A Missouri Cave With Ancient Native American Drawings Has Been Sold : NPR

Have we lost our minds? 


  1. sad news indeed, but I was especially interested in the article about the cave in Missouri, which is a mere 15 miles west of my daughter's home ... will definitely keep an eye out for what comes next

    1. P.S. thanks to your link, I have ordered two books by Carol Diaz-Granados, one on Picture Cave, the other on the petroglyphs of Missouri ... I am hoping they will find a home with my St Louis daughter and her family

    2. I keep forgetting you're a book lover!! So nice you followed the crumbs (links). I'm wondering who to protest
      the sale of those cultural treasures. I think a protest story is percolating in me.

  2. I hope the people who bought the sacred cave will donate it to
    the Native Americans.


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