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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Princess Tamatori Steals Ryujin's Jewel

 There's a LOT going on in this woodcut by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. I love the action

and the lines of movement in it. The story is that the dragon, Ryujin, an Ocean Kami (god)

very well loved in the culture of Japan has had his jewel stolen. You can see this jewel tucked

under the Princess' left arm. It's supposed to be a huge pearl. All of Ryujin's ocean helpers,

Jellyfish and small fish, are in the fight to retake the jewel. I just had to sew on this.

I wove  a length of cloth and cut it in half for the top and bottom.

Then added some of the Paper piecing on the sides. The moons always want to be

to be in on things. This desktop will not let me size, center or change

or work with type sizes. I have no idea how this will come up. 

Fingers crossed.


  1. it is EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!....the Energy vibrates OUTWARD
    with your is just EXTRAORDINARY....the Flow
    of the BeautyFULL Energetic Chaos of the Moment!!!

    1. This story is also a parable in the Lotus Sutra. Kind of
      different in the lesson within...that women are just as
      capable as men in attaining enlightenment. I then got
      sucked into results for images of Women Samurai. Thank you, Grace for your kind words.

  2. Such an interesting piece of art and story. Your stitching is nice Patty.

    1. Thank you Lisa. Love your large painting hanging on
      my wall. Each morning I sit with my coffee under it and am still amazed!

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  4. this really works, I love the woven frame and how it moves

  5. Thank you, Jude. I'm trying to use different ways to
    work with the images. Again, I learned it from you.


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