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Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry blossom time

The cherry tree out front as I saw it when it was full of blossoms yesterday morning.
White blossoms with pink eyes. They grew in shapes along the trunk.

And this is the tree this morning, going into the green stage.

If you use felted wool in your applique here is a great source on Etsy for hand dyed
wool in interesting patterns...quiltingacres
I just treated myself to a box-happy birthday to me!


  1. Love the way youve done the blossom tree! Isnt it welcome to see such fragile flowers and colours at last.......roll on in Spring!

  2. It doesn't last long here...very hot weather coming soon. For now mother nature's dressed up fine.

  3. I love this picture, it's so refreshing....

  4. Thank you, Karen. I'm posting the finished cloth here now.


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