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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet March lambs

What a happy surprise this morning...twin ewe lambs!

Lovely white crosses on their faces. Graham ram's pretty daughters with Judy, a people curious 2 year old. Judy comes up to the sliding door and jumps up to ask
what's happening.

This is one of the sweetest times of year for us.


  1. Yes! They're the size of a cat so you can hold them on your lap.

  2. What a wonderful gift to greet you! They are adorable. And such beautiful faces. Enjoy!

  3. They were out back learning to hop right before sunset. I wish I could bottle the joy in living that lambs re-teach me every spring and offer it to others.

  4. They are so sweet ...I would love to hold one of them . I held a lamb about 30 years ago and she went right to sleep in my arms. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. They snuggle up close when they're babies like this.
    Every year their joy wakes me up. They're going
    to visit the library story hour next week...2-3 year olds and the 3-5 year olds get an up close hug and they'll name them.

  6. what scrumptious little souls with such lovely markings.

  7. Scrumptious-that's a good description! And each has his or her own personality.


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